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DualShield suddenly stopped working

We had a few incident reports that DualShield suddenly stopped working. it turned out that they were all caused by wrong connection password on either SQL server or LDAP server.

If you are using LDAP user identity source,  the Access User Password may expire due to your Windows policy

In this situation, reset the Access User Password in Identity Source Connection tab.

The expired external SQL connection password will also cause DualShield to stop working.

You should open the file server.xml to enter the new password in the connection string, then restart DualShield service.

Note: In V3x version, the username and password are encoded. sometimes it is inconvenient, especially you change your SQL connection password periodically.  

How to input the new credential? You have to use our utility. In DOS prompt, go to the folder C:\Program Files\Deepnet Authentication Server\Tomcat\common\lib,

then type the command ..\..\..\jre\bin\java.exe -jar deepnet-common.jar xxxxx to get the encoded credentials.