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How to upgrade DualShield to a newer version?

When we release a new version of DualShield server, generally we provide a upgrade installation package as well as the full installation package.

If your existing installation is older, and you think upgrade is necessary(check the release note first), then you can just run the upgrade package on the machine where the existing DualShield is installed. During the upgrade, the service will be stopped, so please allow 5-10 minutes service downtime.

Occasionally, a timeout happens when the DualShield service is stopped during the upgrade. In this rare situation, upgrade may fail with the symptom - you see a 404 error when re-accessing DualShield Management Console. We recommend people stopping DualShiled service MANUALLY before running the upgrade package.

If you didn't see this KB, and got the 404 error after upgrade, don't panic. You can fix it by following the instructions below.

Stop DualShield service;

Go to folder C:\Program Files\Deepnet DualShield\tomcat\dualapp, assume you have default installation destination;

Delete the sub-folder das5;

Start DualShield service, wait the CPU calm down on its process (tomcat6.exe).