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Page filter in IIS agent

Unlike IP filter, page filter is rarely used, so we do not present it in IIS agent UI.

However, it is very useful in some extreme situation. For instance, one of our customers reported some pages became unusual after adding DualShield protection. It turned out that the web services itself removed dasweb cookie on these pages somehow so that our IIS agent thought it needed authentication again.

As you know, once you add DualShield protection on site node (or application node), all resources under this node will be protected. Now you want to add some exceptions, the element <unprotectedPath> comes to rescue.

Look at the file config.xml under C:\Program Files\Deepnet Security\IIS, you can add the relative path of the exceptional page into this element.


Note: the match is determined by the path, so you can remove the protection on a specified folder by giving its folder path, for instance,