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How to configure static IP address assignment

If you want to assign the IP to only a few particular users, you can just create some Radius Attributes (Framed-IP-Address), and give IP as its value

Then go to the user, select Radius Settings -> Radius Attributes

Check the attribute with the IP you would assign to.


As you can imagine, the method above is not neat if you have a lot of RADIUS users. In this case, you can use  Identity Attribute.

If the users are from LDAP, we suggest setting the IP on AD server, and here we choose "External Directory" and use an available extensionAttribute11 in AD, otherwise choose "Internal Database",

As you can, the IP is set on Active Directory

When you check User Info in DualShield, you will see the assigned IP which is retrieved from LDAP.

If you choose "Internal Database" when creating Identity Attribute, then the field in Custom Attributes can be editable which means you set the IP here instead of on AD server.

Finally, you still need to create a (only one) radius attribute. This time check the option "Map to an identity attribute".