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Email to SMS

Email to SMS service enables you to use your current email programme (MS Outlook, Gmail, etc) to send and receive SMS messages. It is a powerful tool for office communication.


Emails sent to, for example, are forwarded via the BulkSMS system as an SMS text message to the mobile number 447797803200.

AQL is a typical EMAIL-to-SMS provider which you can use it in DualShield.

If you check its configuration file aql.xml,

Exported from Notepad++

<smtp> <email>${to}</email> <format>text</format> <from>${from}</from> <subject>${subject}</subject> <body><![CDATA[${body}]]></body> </smtp>

It only has the recipient setting ${to} .

Do you ever wonder which smtp server Dualshield uses to send the OTP(or other information) out to ? or by magic?

In this case, you have to configure a SMTP gateway before setting up AQL-like SMS gateway. At least it is correct by the time this article is published (25/04/2013).

In addition, one of our customers reported a problem "Message gateway is not available, please try again later" when using such a gateway. We checked the log, and found another message "501 5.1.7 Invalid address". it turned out their SMTP server refused to send out a message which has a non-legitimate sender address.