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In some situations, you may need to bypass some files, for instance, java applet, in IIS folder which is protected by DualShield IIS agent.

This can be done by the tag <unprotectedPath></unprotectedPath> which is located in the file config.xml, normally it is under the folder C:\Program Files\Deepnet Security\IIS.

We haven't implemented the path as regular expression yet. If you want to add multiple paths, then separate them with comma.

The path comparison is left match, so it is easy to bypass a whole folder. For instance, you want to bypass /Patientviewer/pv_1.3dev_b86/org/ajax4jsf/framework.pack.js.jsf, (our IIS agent only see the relative path)

and not sure if there is any other jsf under the subfolder pv_1.3dev_b86 which is also needed to bypass. For simplicity, you can have,